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"It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice."

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We are a catering, concession and mobile kitchen featuring our delicious home  cooking and freezer meals based in Mountain View County. We provide services from Calgary to Red Deer.

Currently taking orders for cabbage rolls, sausage rolls, chicken wings, and ribs.

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At Cooper's Crossing gigantic garage sale in Airdrie every spring!

Meaty delicious cabbage rolls only $8.50/lb. The tray shown here is 7 pounds.
Click on the link below to find out how a little old lady from a tiny hamlet in Alberta made it to the big times

 We're winners!!! We came in second and won one of 5 Fan Favourites, so we've been featured on the Eat St blog. 
Little Jo  & Tank (her 2008 Ford F250) will be hauling our Kitchen on Wheels (or The Old KOW as we like to call her) to different events to bring her delicious home cooking right to you!
Please check out the Events page to see where we are on the weekends or to see if we are available for your event.
We cater weddings, concessions at rodeos, carnivals, trade shows, Show & Shines, etc.
Whenever possible we use ingredients grown in the Westcott Country Kitchen's Komfort Zone garden. We have never used pesticides or herbicides in our garden in the 16 years we have been gardening here. We freeze tomatoes, onions, peppers, and green onions and store potatoes, carrots & onions in our cold cellar for the winter months. If we don't grow it, we strive to use as many local producers as we can for our ingredients - we like to say that our food is 4,000 miles FRESHER !!!!!!!! 
We grow our own herbs - parsley, sage, chives, thyme, garlic chives, garlic, and dill!
We don't mess around!

Frozen Meals
Lasagna $7.50/lb.
 Cabbage Rolls $8.50/lb.
  Sausage Rolls in Puff Pastry $8.50/lb. 
Roast Beef au jus $10/lb.
   Sweet & Sour Pork Spare Ribs $8.50/lb.
Pre-cooked Jo's burgers (1/3 pound beef bar-b-qued on mesquite charcoal)  $3 each or buy a vacuum sealed bag of 25 for only $50!
Chicken wings $8/lb. Choose from honey garlic, bar-b-que, hot, teriyaki, sweet & sour or salt & pepper
Sweet & sour meatballs $8/lb.
Yorkshire pudding $5/doz.
Belgian Waffles $6/doz.


Creamy Homemade Fudge
Maple or Chocolate $2/100 g

Wait until you taste our version of bits & bolts - we shall surely put the competition out of business! Only $2.50 for a 100 gram bag!

Check out The Country Kitchen page for updated photos! 
Our huge chewy cookies are a must! 
  • Chocolate chip
  • Ginger snap
  • Raisin Oatmeal
  • Butter Pecan
Click above to get our hors d'oeuvres planner!
* mini sausage rolls in puff pastry           
* honey garlic wings
* teriyaki wings
* sweet & sour wings* barbeque wings* salt & pepper wings
* mini quiche                                                
* devilled eggs
* hot wings                                                   
* sweet & sour meatballs
* mini cabbage rolls                                    

We now have gift certificates that you can give to someone on your list that loves GOOD food!

Helpful hint: For best taste, always rinse mushrooms immediately before use.
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