Westcott Country Kitchen Ltd. - The Kitchen on Wheels
Catering Services
We cater to groups of up to 500 guests and we have access to rent a hall that holds a maximum of 100 people. 
Some events that come to mind are:
  • Business lunches, meetings, events
  • Engagement Parties
  • Christmas Parties
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Showers
  •  Reunions
  • Ball Tournaments - The Westcott Ball Diamond has been resurrected!
  • Grand Openings
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Anniversaries
  • Wine & Cheese Parties
  • Celebration of Life Luncheons
please e-mail jo@westcottcountrykitchen.com and we'll figure out something!
Corporate Discount 15%
Our dinner menu includes:
  • Supreme Roast Beef Dinner - features delicious tender local roast beef, sweet peas, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, onions & carrots, yorkshire pudding and gravy $25 pp
  • Lasagna - loaded with our homemade sauce and locally produced cheese! We can do a yummy vegetarian version if you desire. We will also bring you our homemade garlic bread and fresh caesar salad! $17 pp
  • Cheddar-mozzarella scalloped potatoes featuring our own potatoes and onions in a cream sauce. Locally produced tender ham with a side order of vegetables. Home made rolls & tossed salad top off this delicious meal. $17 pp
  • Our tender, fall off the bone, sweet & sour spareribs with rice or baked potato $15 pp (one pound each person!)
  • Celebration of Life Luncheon - variety of cold cuts, cheeses, crackers, pickles, olives, homemade buns, salads, coffee, tea, bottles water, juices, and a variety of homemade squares and pies $12 pp

Since each event is unique, some will require our staff serves, clean up, carve roast beef, etc., so please call us for prices!
Assorted sandwiches (tuna, roast beef, egg salad, corned beef, ham) on a variety of our home made breads - white, whole wheat, multi-grain, cheddar, cheddar-onion, cheddar-bacon, cheddar-onion-bacon) Price based on 1 sandwich per person. $6
Hors d'oeuvres tray - a variety of finger foods to make it easy to mingle at events. Mini sausage rolls, sweet & sour meatballs, devilled eggs, hot wings, sweet & sour ribs, honey garlic wings, mini quiche. Price based on 4 pieces per person. $7
Dessert Tray - brownies, butter tarts, cookies, fudge. (Price based on 2 pieces per person) $2.75
Devilled eggs (doz.)$5
Baked potato $3
Stuffed potato $4
Cinnamon rolls (maple or vanilla icing) EA.$2 Order 6 or more - only $1.50 each!
Mini banana bread loaves (EA)$2.50
Bread & Rolls
Rolls - white or whole wheat - each $0.50
Rolls - cheddar, cheddar-bacon, cheddar-onion, cheddar-onion-bacon) each $0.75
Garlic bread (1 loaf)$5.00
Garlic bread with melted mozzarella cheese (1 loaf)$7.00
Soup & crackers (12 oz.)
Corn chowder $4.75
French onion$4.75
Vegetable Beef $4.75
Salads (Individual)
Potato (4 oz.) $3
Macaroni (4 oz.) $2.50
Cole Slaw (4 oz.) $2
Caesar $3.50
Tossed $3
Salads (Bulk)
Potato & egg (1 lb. tub feeds 4 to 5) $8
Macaroni  & tuna (1 lb. tub feeds 4 to 5) $7
Cole Slaw (1 lb. tub feeds 4 to 5) $5.50
Caesar (feeds 6 to 7) $7.50
Tossed (feeds 6 to 7) $6.50
Beverages Price EA
Bottled Water $2
Canned Pop - regular or diet $2
(403)335-0000 or (403)439-1222
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