Westcott Country Kitchen Ltd. - The Kitchen on Wheels

Scott Jepinstini (Canada Day 2013 - Didsbury) Nothing beats the quality of food, or service that these people offer. Great service, great food, great options, and most importantly fair and affordable pricing. Thank you for being so awesome!
ROCK Apocalypse - Sundre: Could the food have been any better!!!!! Westcott Country Kitchen kept everyone full with some of the best food ever served at an event like this! ROCK Apocalypse was proud to have them as part of the event! All the feedback for the food was 100% positive from everyone
Scott Hale (aka "Ribs") from The Crimson Sabres"Another awesome visit made with the miracle cook! Thanks for the awesome home cookin' at The Battle of the 38th Paintball event at The Weekend Warriors field on June 24 - 26. The lasagna and freshly made garlic bread was simply the best and the beef-on-a-bun was to die for. I am just sorry I never found the time to order some ribs! Thanks, Jo!   Gwen Day from Silver Willow Golf & Sporting Club www.silverwillow.ca"I think the cookies are fantastic, they're huge as well as nice and chewy !!  Your sausage rolls were to die for, definitely would like to try some for re sale during our golf season. So excited to have your business and service in our area. You are on to something good and the local area needs people like you who care and provide quality and fairly priced home cooked / baked items." Joel Horner:"Jo invited me into her home for a meal more than once, but through her country cooking she invited me into her heart forever." Michelle Ball:"Who knew scalloped potatoes could be frozen and yet still be the best I've tasted!?"
Shannon Konschuh:My testimony to a fabulous outfit!
Jo's cooking has started fabulous and stayed fabulous. Truly one of the most delicious cooks around! Always tasty!
What a great thing u got! So what our communities need! Home cooking on wheels!
Kristina Wood:Westcott Country Kitchen is home cooking at it's best. Jo's Sausage Rolls and Bacon/Cheddar/Onion Bread should be catergorized as Food Groups!! The homemade cookies, breads and nutritous meals are as always some of my favorites.
Count me in as a repeat customer!!

Jennifer Foord-Hoey:Hi Jo, Thank you for putting on the lunch at Stantec - everyone thought the food was great! I especially marveled at how you handled the “special requests” without blinking an eye! I think once we got a system down the service started to go a little more smoothly, but I just have one small suggestion: when you know ahead that it will be a large crowd (over 300) and that they will all be showing up at once, perhaps have at least 1/3 of the orders prepared ahead of time so they can come out more than 3 or 4 servings every few minutes. That way, no one has to wait as long between servings or in total, and your kitchen staff will not have reason to panic at the sudden, significant line-up. I know so many people can be intimidating! Otherwise, I thought it was very well done, and the individual boxes were brilliant! Thank you! Jo: Thanks for the kind comments Jenn - we found out 1/2 hour beforehand that the main group would be hitting us at once. YIKES !!!Next time I'll be sure to ask.Christine Lee: I am thrilled that everyone will now be able to try the food that I have had the honour of having for the last couple of years. Jo is thoughtful about the ingredients she puts into every dish and the result is fresh, delicious food! I can't wait to try the High Tea!!" Richard Klitzke: Tender, delicious, fall off the bone the Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs is one of my all time favorite meals!"Kathleen Windsor (Windsor Graphics):  You were right! Your potato skins are soooo good! And the chocolate chip cookies ... oopsie ... s'posed to save those for the grandkids! Finished amazing supper of sweet & sour ribs. Jo's definitely giving Tony Roma's a run for his money!http://www.westcottcountrykitchen.com/
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